A curious little mouse embarks upon a journey through an archipelago filled with difficult puzzles. His friend, a dead snake, helps him overcome the challenges and discover more about the mysterious history of the islands.

Featuring more than 50 uniquely interesting puzzles that make up hours of playtime.


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Why when I finish level 1, I return to level 1 ???

Strange! I've never heard of this happening and have no idea what it could be… I'll see what I can do.

When I decided to start a new game it returns to normal. It might be just the computer.

That happened to me, too. I was using Edge to run the game, then ran the game using Chrome and all good.  So changing the browser worked for me.

Incredibly smart game! I really love it, thank you!

I would suggest expanding the active part of the game window, which seems to use only 640x460 of the 800x600 window. I just got to 22 and can't really see it without entering full screen, and many prior levels have also felt cramped.

Came across this randomly, wow, it really is hard, but it has a very unique idea, it's nice!

Hardcore, was already convinced at lvl 3 that it wasn't possible, but ended up at lvl 7 eventually. Cool puzzles

Number 6, my brain fizzles! 


I'm happy you're enjoying the game :)